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Hello! I am Adiel, a student at the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. I am from the Astronomy Club and the Student Council. In this blog, you will see more of my events that I have attended during my membership at the Astronomy Club. I hope you enjoy!


My Skills

Here are some of my skills that I have. I am still mastering some of these skills up till today.

Video Editing 75%
Photography 70%
Drawing 40%
Photo Editing 10%

Singapore Youth Science Fair

Represented School and attained Silver Award at Local Event.

Cassini Space Essay Writing Competition

Represented School at Local Event.

Google Science Fair

Represented School at Local Event.

Singapore Astronomy Olympiad

Represented School at Local Event.





CCA Events Represented
CCA Overseas Trips
Hours of Service
Common Passion
  • 3D Printed Telescope by Mr Zong Yang

    This session was one of the most interesting sessions as it is my first time knowing about a 3D-printed telescope. In the past, telescopes were not 3D printed. This is my first time seeing a 3D printed telescope.

    We then watched a video on how the telescope could be assembled in a minute and some live demonstrations of it being assembled.

    After the presentation, we then had an opportunity to view the telescope and even try to use it! That's me in the photo doing the action.
  • Short Solar Gazing Session

    Today, there was a presentation regarding the Sun. One of the main takeaways of this session was the different layers of the Sun as the Corona, Photosphere and Atmosphere. Previously, one of the main points I recognised was that the Sun was a star part of the main sequence. The main sequence is the cluster of stars in the Hertzspring-Rusell Diagram.

    Aside from the presentation, my team introduced the Coronado telescope to the juniors so that they are familiar on the telescopes. This telescope is used for Solar Gazing, such as shown in the photo below. From this session, I learnt that about the layers of the Sun and some facts such as the thickness of each layer and the hot and cold spots of each layer. This is similar to the session on the Sun last year which focused more on the composition of gases in each layer.

  • Tanjung Leman Trip 2016

    A visit to a local farm near to our resort. It was a splendid view, especially when there is a lot of farm activities going on. We were not allowed to enter some areas so we could only have a view from the top.

    A picture us at the farm. We had a fun time looking at the bees. Over there, we learnt that the bees were stingless. In the photo, we were about to start doing some archery. Also, I was also translating the local's instructions.

    After going to both farms, we approached a fish farm. There were many tanks and we learnt more about the conditions of keeping fishes in tanks and how they are fed on a basis.

    After that, we approached a greenhouse. In the greenhouse, they used advanced growing systems. Additionally, the greenhouse was really warm and we started sweating. It was my first time being in a greenhouse.

    At our resort, there were interesting things such as this weather forecasting system using a stone. It was really unique as this is my first time seeing such a thing.
  • Astronite 2016 @ Raffles Instituition

    On 19th August 2016, some of the members from my CCA, Astronomy Club, participated in the Astronite 2016 event organised by Raffles Institution. It started off with a presentation related to why the Nebulae have certain specific colours. They also mentioned similar situations by using the lamp posts in Singapore as an example.

    Some of the activities organised by Raffles Institution were the bookmark making where students will have to make a bookmark based on their favourite constellations. For me, I drew the constellation the Big Dipper. This was one of my favourite activities amongst the other interesting activities.

    Other than the bookmark making event, we also participated in the Star Gazing activity. I managed to spot Saturn (with rings present) through one of the telescopes that the Raffles Institution students set up. By communicating with the students from the other school, we had an inter-school bonding although it was one night of activities.
  • Annular Solar Eclipse 2016

    This event, on 9th March 2016, is organised by my secondary school, School of Science & Technology to let students view the Solar Eclipse from the rooftop of the school. The rationale behind the programme is for the students to learn more on what is a Solar Eclipse and other things such as "How often does it happens?" and "What are the different types of Eclipses?" The next Solar Eclipse that is visible in Singapore is on 26th December 2019.

    Here are some photos (not mine, some adapted from the SST Astronomy Club Blog) that shows some part of the activities that occurred during that day. Some of us from Astronomy Club contributed by being the class leaders by advocating the different types of Eclipses and how and why they occur.

     The first photo features my Main CCA Teacher, Mr Tan Hoe Teck showcasing the live stream of the Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School via YouTube.

    Here is my CCA member, Peihan presenting to the class about the Solar Eclipse.

    Here is an SST Student looking at the Eclipse by using the giant "solar glasses" which is made by two boards with a sheet of mylar to protect their eyes from the rays of the sunlight.

    Here is my Secondary 1 & 2 form teacher, Mrs Sin, looking at the eclipse by using the solar visors provided by us during the event.
  • Introduction

    Hi, i am Adiel! This is my blog to document my experience throughout my journey in my CCA, which is Astronomy Club!