Astronite 2016 @ RI: Ascension

On 19th August 2016, some of the members from my CCA, Astronomy Club, participated in the Astronite 2016 event organised by Raffles Institution. It started off with a presentation related to why the Nebulae have certain specific colours. They also mentioned similar situations by using the lamp posts in Singapore as an example.

Some of the activities organised by Raffles Institution were the bookmark making where students will have to make a bookmark based on their favourite constellations. For me, I drew the constellation the Big Dipper. This was one of my favourite activities amongst the other interesting activities.

Other than the bookmark making event, we also participated in the Star Gazing activity. I managed to spot Saturn (with rings present) through one of the telescopes that the Raffles Institution students set up. By communicating with the students from the other school, we had an inter-school bonding although it was one night of activities.

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