• Tanjung Leman Trip (20th June 2016)

    A visit to a local farm near to our resort. It was a splendid view, especially when there is a lot of farm activities going on. We were not allowed to enter some areas so we could only have a view from the top.

    A picture us at the farm. We had a fun time looking at the bees. Over there, we learnt that the bees were stingless. In the photo, we were about to start doing some archery. Also, I was also translating the local's instructions.

    After going to both farms, we approached a fish farm. There were many tanks and we learnt more about the conditions of keeping fishes in tanks and how they are fed on a basis.

    After that, we approached a greenhouse. In the greenhouse, they used advanced growing systems. Additionally, the greenhouse was really warm and we started sweating. It was my first time being in a greenhouse.

    At our resort, there were interesting things such as this weather forecasting system using a stone. It was really unique as this is my first time seeing such a thing.

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